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Prism Patriot Invitational Contributes Entire Proceeds To Veteran Causes

The 2015 Prism Patriot Invitational generated nearly $100,000 for veterans and families of soldiers injured or lost during our American military engagements. Prism Medical USA, Inc., headquartered in Saint Louis, hosted the annual benefit golf tournament and reception on Thursday, May 28.

The Prism Patriot Invitational traditionally supports two of this country’s leading groups working with veterans and military families: U.S.VETS, Inc. which provides programs and housing for homeless or at-risk veterans and their families; and the Patriot Foundation that serves families of soldiers killed or injured from the Fort Bragg, NC community.

Charley Wallace, president of Prism Medical USA, said he was proud of what the invitational was able to achieve in only its second year. “Our mission is to support veterans and their families by putting 100 percent of the invitational’s proceeds directly into the hands of these two 501(c)(3) organizations that have reputations for addressing important veteran causes”, Wallace said.

“In addition, Prism Medical and its supply chain partners continue their ongoing dedication to hiring veterans. We aggressively recruit vets who bring their skills and professionalism to the workplace,” Wallace added. “We strongly believe we owe them for their service.”

Introducing the Honor Signs

The 2015 Prism Patriot Invitational also introduced a new fundraising initiative to support its mission. “While the display of an American flag has been a time-honored tradition in homes and businesses, we wanted to create a more personal approach by recognizing our veterans and those now serving. We designed the Honor Sign (see attached photograph) to last for years and be a visible tribute to vets or active duty military. A significant portion of the cost for every sign will go to U.S.VETS and the Patriot Foundation and is tax deductible,” Wallace said.

“In 2015, we had 200 Honor Signs displayed on the invitational’s Honor Field. It was truly an impressive sight. The response from our supporters was so positive that our goal for 2016 is to have 1,000 Honor Signs on Honor Field,” Wallace added.

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