Prism Patriot

Proudly Supporting our Veterans

The Prism Patriot Invitational supports the following organizations:

US VetsMissouri Veterans Endeavor
Missouri Veterans Endeavor (MOVE-STL) is a non-profit that provides long-term supportive housing and comprehensive services to veterans and their family members. MOVE-STL was established in 2012 under the name of U.S.VETS – St. Louis. We changed our name to Missouri Veterans Endeavor on July, 1st 2016 and became an independent non-profit to better serve the homeless and at risk veterans in the St. Louis region.

MOVE-STL is a small apartment complex located at Natural Bridge and 170. The site has 7 triplexes with 21, 2 bedroom units. Currently, MOVE-STL houses approximately 55 residents including veterans, dependents, and children on the main site and in a few apartments in the community. We provide a wide range of services including case management, employment assistance, job training, sobriety support, counseling, attachment to community resources and permanent housing.

Since opening our doors, we have housed over 120 veterans, connected over 400 veterans with resources in the community, and have helped 50 veterans obtain employment. Our goals for our veterans are to help them address any of their individual barriers, including finding meaningful employment, enhancing their overall quality of life, maintaining sobriety, connecting with family and their community, maintaining their mental and physical health regimens, and transitioning from our site into permanent housing in the community.

patriot foundationThe Patriot Foundation
The Patriot Foundation is headquartered in Pinehurst, NC, and principally serves the families of Ft. Bragg soldiers killed, wounded, and injured in the Global War on Terrorism. The Patriot Foundation provides college scholarships for children, and childcare funding for spouses who need to go back to school to provide for the financial stability of their families. Ft. Bragg is the largest US Army base by population in the world (more than 57,000 soldiers), with 10 percent of the Army serving there.

Ft. Bragg is the home station of XVIII Airborne Corps, US Army Special Operations Command, Joint Special Operations Command, the 82nd Airborne Division, US Army Special Forces Command, US Army Special Warfare Center, US Army Forces Command, and numerous separate brigades. The soldiers at Ft. Bragg are all elite — the first our nation always calls to protect us — and consequently, these are the soldiers who have borne the brunt of our nation’s war on terror.